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Initial Comments:
Name - MAIN BUILDING Component - 01

Facility ID# 50590101
Component 01
Hospital Building

Based on an Occupancy Survey completed on May 19, 2022, it was determined there were no deficiencies identified as related to the requirements of the Life Safety Code for a new acute care health care occupancy.

This Occupancy Survey was conducted for room name changes for JACCO correction and other minor changes in a new 4 story acute care hospital. This Phase 1 inspection consisted of multiple minor changes throught the building, including the removal of delayed egress doors in Suite 1.5.1 in the ED, the Behavior Health designation was removed from ED Exam rooms 01-143, 01-145, and patient toilet 01-147. All minor upgrades for Phase 1 are indicated on the Inspection Phasing Memo attached to the hard copy of the drawings at the facility. Refer to Drawing Index Number: H-22-0219, a revision to: H-18-1812, H-19-0360, H-20-0017, H-20-0614, H-20-0963, H-20-1151, H-21-0251, H-21-0400, H-21-0502 & H-21-1200.

This is a four story, Type II (222), fire resistive building, with a penthouse, that is fully sprinklered.

Plan of Correction: