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Initial Comments:

Based on the findings of an onsite unannounced follow up survey completed September 5, 2019, Care Crafter Home Care Llc, was found to have corrected the deficiencies and not to be in compliance with the following requirements of PA Code, Title 28, Health and Safety, Part IV, Health Facilities, Subpart H, Chapter 611, Home Care Agencies and Home Care Registries. The deficiencies were cited as part of a state re-licensure survey conducted on March 8, 2019.

Plan of Correction:

611.4(c) LICENSURE
Requirements for HCA and HCR

Name - Component - 00
Home care agencies and home care registries licensed under this Chapter shall comply with applicable environmental, health, sanitation and professional licensure standards which are required by Federal, State, and local authorities.


Per 35 P.S. 448.813, "...Authorization.--For the purpose of determining the suitability of the applicants and of the premises or for determining the adequacy of the care and treatment provided or the continuing conformity of the licensees to this act and to applicable local, State and Federal regulations, any authorized agent of the department may enter, visit and inspect the building, grounds, equipment and supplies of any health care facility licensed or requiring a license under this act and shall have full and free access to the records of the facility and to the patients and employees therein and their records, and shall have full opportunity to interview, inspect, and examine such patients and employees..."

Based on surveyor observation and staff (EMP) interview, the agency failed to maintain standards required by State authorities, specifically, the agency failed to be subject to an unannounced inspection by authorized representatives of the Department.

Findings included:

Surveyor attempted onsite unannounced follow up survey on August 22, 2019 at approximately 9:30 a.m. to find office door was locked. Surveyor called office number with no answer on intercom and attempted to leave message on answering machine but was cut off by machine. Phone numbers were posted in front of office entrance that revealed "if no answer please call...." Surveyor called phone number belonging to EMP5 at approximately 9:56 a.m. EMP 5 answered and reported EMP6 "had stepped out." Typical office hours are "9 to 5." No employee would be able to meet with surveyor at time of request due to "prior engagements", EMP5 was advised of a return unannounced visit at another time.

Staff interview with owner (EMP5) and office adminstrator (EMP6) confirmed the findings on September 5, 2019 at approximately 11:30 a.m., EMP6 reported, "I am usually the only one here in the mornings and sometimes I have to step out, but I'm usually here." Additionally surveyor, EMP5, and EMP6 discussed process of changing hours to fit the needs of the agency appropriately.

Plan of Correction:

Our agency will bring office timing to fit our needs. We will call the DoH licensure department and bring the changes on our office times. We will inform our consumers and DCWs about the change and also put on the outside door for general information.
The agency Director will oversee the continued implementation of the plan of correction.