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Initial Comments:

This report is the result of an unannounced revisit following a Provisional Licensure 1 survey conducted on February 18, 2022, at College Heights Endoscopy Center, Llc. It was determined the facility was in substantial compliance with the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Health's Rules and Regulations for Ambulatory Care Facilities, Annex A, Title 28, Part IV, Subparts A and F, Chapters 551-573, November 1999.

The facility continues to be under a Plan of Correction with other surveys that have been conducted. Those deficient practices and the associated regulations below are enumerated below; however, they are not included in this specific report. Each Statement of Deficiency, for the survey below, was forwarded under a separate cover to College Heights Endoscopy Center, LLC with directions to file a Plan of Correction for each.

1) An unannounced Provisional License 2 survey was conducted on July 26, 2022.
553.3 Governing Body Responsibilities
553.3(3) Governing Body responsibilities
553.3(6) Governing Body Responsibilities
555.3(d)(2) Requirements
555.11(a) Medical Orders
563.13(a) Entries
567.1 Principle
567.3(b)(11) Policies and Procedures
567.43 Ventilation System

Plan of Correction: