Pennsylvania Department of Health
Nursing Care Facility Search Instructions


The Nursing Care Facilities Locator page offer several methods for locating specific care facilities.

The simplest method involves the map in the center of the screen.  Using the mouse you may do a left button click on the county of your choice to get a listing of Nursing Care facilities by county.

Additional Geographic Searches

You have the option to select by County, City, Zip Code or a special search involving a Zip Code and a radius in miles from the Zip Code center.

You may  select a county by clicking on the button next to County and then selecting the proper county from the drop down box on the left.  If you select the City search, its drop down list will only display cities that contain Nursing Care Facilities. Entering a 5 digit Zip Code will obtain nursing care facilites with that exact zip code in their address.

The Zip Code Search with distance will allow you to designate a Zip Code and set a radius for your search in miles.  This will select facilites within the radius you select from the geographic center of the designated Zip Code.  This is an approximate calculation, so you are advised to allow for extra milage.  Of course there will be more facilites located in smaller areas in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh than in more rural areas of the state.

Each of these four geographic searches is exclusive.  You can only set one type of geographic search at a time.

Additional Search Criteria

Along with the above, you may narrow your criteria by specifying a full or partial name for the facility, whether the facility is small, medium, or large, as determined by the number of beds, and by the type of ownership of the facility.  You do not have to set preferences here, but are free to choose one or all of these selections.

Browser Differences

This page has been optimized for use with the most modern browsers, Netscape 6 and Internet Explorer 5.  These browsers have capabilites that are greatly enhanced over earlier Web browsers.  If you have not upgraded your browser we highly recommend that you do.  This site will work with older browsers, but you must remember that you may only select one of the four geographic browsers.

Non graphic browsers such as Lynx require careful navigation through this page.