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Initial comments:Name: MAIN BUILDING 01 - Component: 01 - Tag: 0000

Facility ID# 161502
Component 01
Main Building

Based on an Occupancy Survey completed on March 11, 2021, it was determined there were no deficiencies identified as related to the requirements of the Life Safety Code for an existing health care occupancy.

This Occupancy Survey was conducted for alterations to renovate the central nurse's station, dining, and lounge space and add additional resident rooms on the second and third floors. This phase two inspection consisted of the following rooms: country kitchen 2604A, resident shower 2132, resident shower 2413, west lounge 2401, north lounge 2301, nurse station 2001, office 2001A on the second floor; resident shower 3132, country kitchen 3604A, west lounge 3401, north lounge 3201, nurse station 3001, office 3001A, resident shower 3413 on the third floor, and resident shower 4132 on the fourth floor. Refer to drawing index numbers H-20-0973, H-20-0418, H-20-0069, H-18-0515, H-20-0110, and H-20-1266.

This is a four-story, Type II (222), fire resistive building that is fully sprinklered.

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